Magrath Photography sponsors this site and offers three products that support our educational mission of bringing the moon, the actual Moon, that bright piece of gray rock overhead,  into our daily lives. Why does this matter?


Honestly it doesn't matter for most people but for the person who wants to look beyond the routine of modern day life the Moon is an easily accessible way to get outside, experience nature, and wonder about another world.  


Magrath Photography offers:

1.) An informative book (with a catchy title!): "A Guide to Moon Phases and Nearside Lunar Surface Features". Check it out on the Moon Phase Book tab and see that it is offered in print or on CD-ROM (MS Word file).


2.) Moon Phase cards, with envelopes, of Moon phases and Landscape Photography. These little pieces of art are hand-signed, come with envelopes ($6 each). Please check out the Moon Phase Cards tab.


3.) An imaging system that makes it easy to do astrophotography of the Moon with your Smartphone or small digital camera. Click on the MOONTV Camera System tab above to get an introduction. This is a serious piece of hardware that mounts on a tripod.

Below:  iPhone 6+ image using the 8x42 binoculars mounted on the MOONTV interface while using the in-camera digital zoom.

MOONTV Camera System

 tripod-mounted optical bench     with iPhone 6+ and binoculars

{US Patent # 9,591,222} 


The idea for the MOONTV optical bench came about when I attached my compact digital camera (10 Mp Pentax A20), to a pair of binoculars, with duct tape, and a tripod in order to photograph a Total Lunar Eclipse.

I was delighted that it worked and so I used my machining, wood working, and optical alignment skills (learned at the CFHT observatory), to construct an optical bench system that would allow any small camera to interface with any pair of binoculars/telescope